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Please Include

* How you found DeeHart Talent and or who you are referred by (if you were referred). 

* Why you are submitting to DeeHart Talent
* Why you are looking to hire a talent manager.
* Your personal website and all links to your online marketing and submission profiles. 

*  Include a short video introduction of yourself.

Send your video via  or a similar free video transfer site which allows you to send video and audio files that are larger than 10 mgs. 

* Include who you are training with.

* What your credits are.
* Why do you love acting.
* What do you do to help promote yourself. 
* What are your hobbies.
* Will you be able to devote time to auditions and booked projects.
* Is your job flexible.
* Are you flexible. If under 18 years of age please email digital snapshots of what you or the child looks like now.  
Include names and parental contact info. 

Thanks for submitting!

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